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Edgar Caribo Law Stories is the website that has been created by Edgar Caribo. He is the person with many skills. His background is in technologies, media, law, and even hotel industry.

Edgar Caribo has a passion for many subjects. He is always learning. He is always expecting to do better. His development never stops.

Apart from living in highly competitive cities, and working for recognized companies, meeting famous people and attending cultural events, there is not much Edgar Caribo achieved, because it is not what he was looking for. He is looking for freedom and peace. This blog is the first step to financial independence. Edgar knows that every minute he spends researching, writing and monetizing his blog, he is one step closer to fulfill his dream.

Edgar Caribo Law Stories is the blog about the Law. It is not an academic blog about some specific area of Law. It is more like an observation of the things and events related to the law that Edgar Caribo finds interesting.

Edgar Caribo is super excited about doing things. He knows that one day the world will be a better place!

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